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The Value of Managed Services

Managed Services

2016 has been dubbed “The Year of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), with many businesses both large and small jumping on the bandwagon. Allowing businesses to outsource their on-site or remote network and security monitoring, data backup and technical support, Managed Service Providers provide the benefits an IT Department without the hassle of maintaining the information technology infrastructure that is critical to their organization.

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Does Your Cloud Provider Take Security Seriously?

Security on Your Cloud

With virtually every business organization using some form of technology, online activities are subject to security issues that can compromise both the business, users, and, in some cases, the clientele. Data breaches have made national headlines so often that people have accepted them as commonplace; with consumers expressing more concern about cyber risk, identity theft and personal privacy than they are about their own personal safety, according to a recently released survey by Travelers.

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Evaluating Your Cloud Service

Cloud Services

With a seemingly endless number of cloud computing options to select from, choosing the right Cloud Service for your company can be nothing short of overwhelming. Unfortunately, all clouds are not created equal, and it is important to consider factors such as performance levels, cost and reliability when considering potential cloud computing providers. Below are just a few key points that can help you determine whenever your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is providing the right service, support and technology that you need.

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Cloud Management Challenges

Cloud Management

Technology has revolutionized not only the economy, but the way that people do business. The statistics speak for themselves, according to a recent study by Goldman Sachs. The numbers below indicate not only the future of cloud computing, but the overall impact that this technology has made in the current market. According to the study:

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